C++ Binding: changes for version 1.0c

23rd October 2001

The following changes were made between versions 1.0b and 1.0c of the ZOOM C++ binding:

  1. Removed ugly Z3950_ prefixes from names.
  2. Renamed search class to query.
  3. Removed underscore from record-syntax names such as recordSyntax_GRS1.
  4. Added recordSyntaxUKMARC.
  5. Removed trailing comma from recordSyntax enumeration.
  6. Added const suffix to:
  7. Added virtual destructor declaration to:
  8. Renamed prefix_query class to prefixQuery.
  9. Added missing public: labels to the query subclasses.
  10. Removed asimple_query class (implementation-specific)
  11. Renamed resultSet's record() and records() method to getRecord() and getRecords().
  12. Renamed resultSet::getRecords()'s parameter from np to psz.
  13. Added overloaded resultSet::getRecords() method with interface corresponding with the abstract API's specification.
  14. Made resultSet a friend of class connection.
  15. Made all record methods virtual.
  16. Added const to return value of
  17. Added new record subtypes:
  18. Renamed system_error to systemError.
  19. Removed implementation details (private members) from systemError.
  20. Renamed bib1_error to bib1Error.
  21. Removed implementation details (private members) from bib1Error.

These changes represent the results of continuing dialogue over how best to represent the ZOOM API in idiomatic C++ terms.

Feedback to <mike@indexdata.com> is welcome!