C++ Binding: changes for version 1.0f

31st October 2001

The following changes were made between versions 1.0e and 1.0f of the ZOOM C++ binding:

  1. Moved the recordSyntax enumeration inside the record class.
  2. All option values are now strings: that is, option() methods now return char* instead of void*; and their value parameters, where appropriate, are of type char* instead of void*.
  3. Removed the null implementation from query class's destructor.
  4. Removed extraneous blank lines.
  5. Added a destructor to resultSet class.
  6. Replaced the resultSet class's getRecords() (plural) method with getRecord() (singular), which returns a const record*.
  7. Removed ``No public constructor'' comment from record class.
  8. Removed the null implementation from record class's destructor.
  9. Added a clone() method (``virtual constructor'') to the record class.
  10. Changed the record class's rawdata() method to return a non-const data pointer, and remove the no-longer-needed size_t *psize parameter.
  11. Removed the following classes, which are now relegated to implementations:
  12. Add the data abstract class.
  13. Fix capitalisation/punctuation for various comments.

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