Class PrefixQuery


public class PrefixQuery
extends Query

Represents a Prefix query to be submitted to a Z39.50 Server.


	Query q = new PrefixQuery("@and @attr 1=4 minerals " +
	                          "@or @attr 1=62 location @attr 1=62 place");
	ResultSet rs =;

Queries in ZOOM may take various forms: objects of this class represent queries expressed in Index Data's Prefix Query Notation (PQN), as implemented in their Z39.50 toolkit, Yaz.

As with all ZOOM Query types, there are no methods apart from the constructor: the only thing you can do with a PrefixQuery is feed it to

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See Also:
The Yaz toolkit, Prefix Query Notation,

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Constructor Summary
PrefixQuery(java.lang.String pqn)
          Creates a new Query object representing the specified Prefix query.
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Constructor Detail


public PrefixQuery(java.lang.String pqn)
Creates a new Query object representing the specified Prefix query.
pqn - The query itself expressed in PQN.
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