The Web Services Binding

16th October 2001

Web Services Binding Specification

Sebastian Hammer <> is planning to build and document an implementation of the ZOOM model as a Web Service - that is, he plans to define a set of commands which can be issued over HTTP to yield documents which encapsulate the result of executing ZOOM operations.

I guess that means by default that Sebastian is the maintainer of the Web Services binding.

While we wait for Sebastian to get his act together, I (Mike Taylor) have put together a brief outline of the sort of direction we might go.

Canonical Sample Program

To give a flavour of the Web Services binding, here is ZOOM's equivalent of the ``Hello World'' program: a tiny Z39.50 client that fetches and displays the MARC record for Farlow & Brett Surman's The Complete Dinosaur from the Library of Congress.

HTTP GET /zoom/ws/series:

Web Services Binding Implementations

None yet available.

Feedback to <> is welcome!